How do I care for Waxed Canvas?

If you feel the need to clean your bag, wipe or brush to remove dirt.  For small areas, spot clean with a damp cloth.  For large areas, or the whole bag, completely hose it down with water.  Allow fabric to air dry.  Never use harsh soap, machine wash, dry, or dry clean as it will affect the wax finish.  Please remember that although waxed canvas is highly water resistant, it is like other fabrics in that certain things like ink or wine will stain the canvas.  

If you feel that your fabric is in need of rewaxing or a mild soap for cleaning, we recommend purchasing products from Otter Wax.  


What is the time frame from when I place an order until it ships?

Once an order is placed, it will ship within a few days. Most Ready to Ship products will ship within 3-4 business days, or sooner.  Made to Order products will ship after the 1-2 week production time.


Do you make repairs?

In short, yes, repairs can be made to bags if the repair needed is due to an issue with hardware or craftsmanship. The bag will need to be evaluated.  Please email detailed descriptions and multiple pictures of the repair needed.  Based upon the estimated cost and ability to repair, you will then be informed as to whether the repair can be made.  Repairs will only be made up to one year from time of purchase.  Repairs will not be made due to the everyday wear and tear of a bag. 

Do you do custom orders?

We do not normally accept custom orders.  However, please reach out and we can discuss whether or not a custom order can be made.

Do you sell in person?

Yes! We attend many shows throughout the year. Please see our events page.

Do you sell in stores?

Yes!  Loon products can be found at Elk County Council on the Arts.